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Post by Meredith on Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:37 pm

What kind of thread is this? Question
This is where the upcoming guild events that have been previously posted in the "Guild events & contests" forum, checking which day(s) members are available. Then it is posted here with a decided date. Guild events can also be posted here right away! Events that have been posted here will also be visible in the calendar to be seen.

What should I do here? Question
You should vote if you are attending or not. In addition, reply to the thread if you are attending so I know who you are coming to the event or contest.

Note: The planned event will start at the exact time given and we will only wait for members that has signed in the thread. People that have not done that and are a second late will not be invited. Instead, they have to make sure to either sign that they want to attend or be available in-game in time! As harsh as it might sound, it will make it more convenient  for others, both members attending and the hosts


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