[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03)

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Which day(s) are you available to attend? 07:00PM UTC/GMT

[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_lcap40%[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_rcap 40% 
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[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_lcap20%[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_rcap 20% 
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[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_lcap40%[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Vote_rcap 40% 
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[Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03) Empty [Event] World vs. World (04/03 - 06/03)

Post by Meredith on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:37 pm

What is going on this week? Question
We are going to do something new next week that members with low-lvl characters can attend to which is also good for leveling, World vs. World. Please vote which day(s) you are available at the evening. The event will start 7:00PM UTC/GMT

World vs. World Exclamation
We will enter "Edge of the Mists" as our WvW map and hope there is a commander we can follow around since it requires people in large groups. We will probably play for about an hour and see if people enjoy the event. There will other guild events other than WvW in the future, such as jumping puzzles and dungeon runs.

-1+ attendants (50+ in total with the other players on the battleground)
-lvl 1+

What happends if the WvW match is not active, or there is no commander? Question
If this happends, we will have to vote for something else to do, such as doing dungeon runs, jumping puzzles or PvP. In worst case, we just cancel the guild event. It's up to the guild members to decide!

Do not forget to vote which day(s) you are available or wish to do the event. You can vote for multiple options!

Thread closed: The guild event has been cancelled!


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