[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03)

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Which day(s) are you available to attend? 07:00PM UTC/GMT

[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Vote_lcap57%[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Vote_rcap 57% 
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[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Empty [Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03)

Post by Meredith on Sun Mar 15, 2015 7:24 pm

What is going on this weekend? Question
We are going to do some guild missions, the "Guild Bounty Training" & "Guild Bounty Tier 1" at the same day. Make sure to read the informations below for all explanations about the event and preperations, the event will start 7:00PM UTC/GMT. Please vote which day(s) you are available at the evening or think you are, you can choose multiple options.  

It also requires atleast 5 votes on the same day before wednesday evening in order for the event to happen. It will then be posted in the "Upcoming Events" forum were you have to vote again & reply to the thread if you are interested in attending.

(21/03) Note: Friday & Saturday is canceled for plannned guild missions this week due to insufficient with player votes! It can however still happen at any time, any day this week, most likely 7:00PM UTC/GMT but not guaranteed

Guild Bounty Training Exclamation
When the mission is activated, we will get a description about our target in the mission tab in the guild window. It will contain usefull information about our target that we have to eliminate, such as which area in the world the target lurks. We have 15 minutes to find the target, and additional 6 minutes before the target escapes.

When the target has been eliminated, the guild will earn 3000 influence. No individual rewards to members.

-5 attendants
-lvl 75+
-world exploration (see locations in the link below)

Guild Bounty Tier 1 Exclamation
Compared to the previous guild bounty mission, this will give us two targets aswell as individual rewards if you participate in the fight (50 silver, 2 rares or better & 2 guild commendations). When the mission activates, we will have 15 minutes to find both targets, and 6 minutes for each target to escape once found. We will focus on finding one target at the time and have the whole group search for the area.

Why not splitting up the group in two and search in two areas simultaneously? Question
The reason is because you can only get one individual reward per guild mission type each week. This is why we focus on finding one at first so everyone will get a reward (you have to participate in the fight) and then try to take down the second target.

If we manage to take down our second target aswell within the time limit, members that have already participated in the first target will not get any rewards. The guild will however receive 15 guild merits which can be used for advanced guild upgrades (we are researching for other kinds of guild missions) if both targets are taken down.

-10+ attendants
-lvl 75+
-world exploration (see locations in the link below)

Do not forget to vote & make sure to check out this link about their info & target's routes: http://bounty.andyf.me/#
You should also have it available once the mission begins in order to efficiently search for the targets!

Are your character too low lvl for this guild event? Question
Fear not! We will have something planned for you aswell! I just have to figure out what kind of event & which day would be the best to have a second guild event.

Thread closed: The guild event has been canceled due to insufficient with player interest!

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[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Empty Guild Mission

Post by Moosiachi on Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:16 pm

I can only make Friday, Moosiachi Smile


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[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Empty Re: [Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03)

Post by Ventari on Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:32 pm

Looks like this might be on any day when there are enought people online =/


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[Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03) Empty Re: [Event] Guild Bounty mission (20/03 - 21/03)

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