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Post by Meredith on Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:24 am

What are guild events & contests? Question
In The Royal Newbies, we focus on being social & interactive with eachother. Doing things together is overall fun & rewarding for the guild itself by earning influence & merits for advanced guild upgrades. But you can also receive individual rewards, such as chests & guild commendation if it is guild missions you are attending to. We have split the activites in two different categories:

Guild events are fun activites members can join and have a great time together. Our events could be guild missions, jumping puzzles, WvW, dungeons and more. This thread "Guild events & contests" will have a purpose of checking if anyone are interested in joining and which day(s) members are available by using the poll.

If people have shown enough interest, the thread will be locked & put in the forum "Upcoming Guild Events" with a decided date of the event. You should vote on the new thread if you are attending or not. In addition, reply to the thread if you have voted "Yes" and are going attend in the event or contest.

Guild contests is a rare, but major event that only members with the rank "Private" and better are able to opt-in. These contests consist of fun events where members can win prizes, such as in-game items.

When are the guild events? Question
We have developed two simple ways of members coming together as a guild doing events together. It is the following methods:

Unplanned events (causal, pop in whenever)
Guild events that might be happening everyday, by anyone and on the same time, depending on how many are online. Members will gather during between: 6:00-7:00 PM UTC/GMT. If enough people are online during that time, and they wish to do something with the guild, it will start 7:00 PM UTC/GMT. Easy as that! Very Happy

Do not really understand what it would be good for? Think like this...
"I do not want to plan something in advance, but it would be nice to know which time, anyday, there could be something going on with the guild"

Planned events (less casual)
Events that are planned several days in advance that are probably bigger events that needs a bit of orginization. They are being posted in the thread "Guild events & contests" for members to vote which day(s) they are available attending. After a few days, the post will be locked and a new thread is being posted in the "Upcoming Guild Events" forum with the day with most votes. You should then both vote & reply to the thread if you are planning to attend. You should also vote if you are not planning to attend.

Note: The planned event will start at the exact time given and we will only wait for members that has signed in the thread. People that have not done that and are a second late will not be invited. Instead, they have to make sure to either sign that they want to attend or be available in-game in time! As harsh as it might sound, it will make it more convenient  for others, both members attending and the hosts

How do I post my own suggestion about an event or contest? Question
Formula when posting!  study
When suggesting an event or contest, please use the prefix [Event] [Contest] in the headline when posting, including date. You can also add an interval of dates for members to choose.

We will then check if the suggested event will not disturb any other guild events and then greenlight it. Remember that we normally do acitivies around 07:00PM UTC/GMT, which would be a recommended time, but not required.

[Event] World Bosses (25/02 - 26/02)
Someone wanna join doing World bosses at 7:00PM UTC/GMT?

Something confusing? Exclamation
Did you not understand everything written here or undersure about something? Ask any related questions by replying to this thread, we will answer them as fast as we can. You can also contact us in-game.


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