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About The Royal Newbies! [read this] Empty About The Royal Newbies! [read this]

Post by Meredith on Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:44 am

The Royal Newbies Question
The Guild was founded in Guild Wars 2 and is a casual guild about new players of the game (or those who just started playing again) to come together and have a great time. It was made in purpose of helping new players of the game and assist them while they are playing in order to have a great experince. We also have this idéa that our members can come online whenever they feel like it without having to worry about needs of being active and therefore might get kicked. We only wish that all will have a great time whenever they come online.

Instead, we focus on the social aspect of our members. We believe that it will bring quality to the guild if everyone is like a big family helping eachother and communicating. Therefore, we like to have a strong and social community where people can talk to eachother without any problems, and for both new & old players to help one another. We are doing fun activities together for everyone to enjoy, such as world bosses, puzzels, contests, dungeons and more!

Our ranking system is also based on the social aspect of our members! We think it is a good way to reward the members while it at the same time brings people together, instead of ranking members depending on how good they are at the game than anyone else.

The guild also features our very own TeamSpeak server thanks to Chimeric. We appriciate and encourage people coming there having a chat with the others, or being there during guild events. Connect to the server with TeamSpeak3 by using the following adress: trn.ddns.net. (currently down)
TeamSpeak rules are simple: Be civil & friendly. No excessive swearing. study

The Forum
The purpose of this forum is to have guild events more organized and give the hosts of events an easier time to inform all guild members about new information wheneverthey are online or offline in Guild Wars 2. This could be about upcoming changes to the guild, or checking if people are interested in joining planned guild events. The forum also offers members to discuss all kind of things & share their experience of the game. There will probably be guides available in the futures with videos, something to look forward to. Very Happy

Note: Make sure to read the "information thread" in each forum before using them! Exclamation

The Future
We are focused on Guild Wars 2 and the social aspect of all members, but in the future, this also give us a great opportunity to create a general high quality gaming group outside Guild Wars 2 with great people knowing eachother. Even if you decide to quit the game, you still have great friends to play other games with.

I hope you enjoy your stay in The Royal Newbies. cheers


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