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Post by Meredith on Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:33 am

Thinking about what the guild ranks are & what you have access to? Question
Below you can read all of the different guild ranks we have developed which also exists in purpose of bringing forward social & interactive members. Keep in mind that ranks & thier names might change in the future.

-New Member-
You recently joined our awesome guild and cannot do much more than accessing the guild chat. In about 2-3 weeks, you will be promoted depending how you have been in the guild.

Your first promotion! You have been in the guild for about 2-3 weeks but not been much social & interactive with the other members.

Congratz, you second promotion! You have begun your journey in the guild ranks & can now withdraw & deposit items in our guild stash. In addition, display the guild emblem of The Royal Newbies! You are officially one of us, awesome! Very Happy

-Private- pirat
Your third promotion, great! The younglings should respect you know, heh? Surprised
By being the rank "Private" you are are eligible to join the official guild contests made by the heads of the guild to win prizes.

You are an excellent example of how we wish our members to be, social & interactive at a high degree. You have been trusted to have access to the gigantic trove with all of the guild's treasures! You can also claim & unclaim forts in WvW events with the guild.

-Sergaent- jocolor
You can activate built upgrades which will help your fellow members when doing activities.

-Knight- santa
If you have become a Knight, you are able to activate guild missions.
This is the beginning of taking responsible of the guild. You, and the higher ups are responsible over new members and they should have great faith in you!

You have become a Commander! You have shown major involvement with the guild and leadership with events.
Just like the higher ranks, you are the people responsible of different guild events and being a great leader among groups during events.

-Officer- (not available for the moment)
Not many are promoted to this rank, but if you get the honor of being an Officer, you are being trusted to manage the guild. You can queue upgrades, modify upgrades in progress, edit the message of the day and manange members of the guild.

-Leader- king
Yo there, if you happend to become the leader of the guild. Then you have overcome the leader himself, how could this happend?


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